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  • What do I need to get a Four Pillars of Destiny reading?
    Ideally the exact date of birth and the time of birth is requried as well as knowing where you were born, however a detailed chart can still be done without the time of birth
  • Do I need a reading to purchase a Harmony Bracelet?
    You do not need to have a Four Pillars reading to select a bracelet. You can message me with your date of birth prior to purchase and I can recommend what Pendant you should have, or you can select the pendant that symbolises your year of birth
  • The Bracelet Pendants dont have a price. Is this correct?
    Yes! There is no charge for the pendant
  • What is the cost of Freight?
    Freight is free when shipping anywhere in Australia, and a flat $15.00 shipping fee anywere else
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