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The concept of Harmony Bracelets has developed over a number of years.  As Fortune’s Gate developed I found that my clients needed access to affordable and readily accessible tools to assist with balancing the effects of challenges or imbalances as they appeared in their Four Pillars of Destiny. As I was not able to source a suitable option on the current market for my clients I set about personally developing the concept Harmony Bracelets. 




It is important to understand that you do not need to have a Four Pillars reading to select a bracelet. I can assist with recommendations on the pendant if needed. If you want some guidance before you order the bracelet,  contact me via the contacts page on this website (providing your birthdate),  and I will do a quick analysis of your Four Pillars and make a recommendation.

Moving on, the design of Harmony Bracelets focuses on two primary things, and will vary from wearer to wearer as each individual has different  requirements.

  1. The semi-precious gemstones which are beaded individually or combined to assist the wearer with an issue on a metaphysical level

  2. The Pendant which symbolises one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

When ordering a bracelet you will first need to select which gemstone you would like your bracelet to be made of. You would select the gemstone based what you gravitate towards. If you click on the images of the gemstones below it gives you an overview of what the metaphysical properties of that gemstone are.


 Harmony bracelets have been designed to assist in reducing the effects of a clash in a person's destiny chart. A clash is an unsettling or conflict relationship between two elements that can appear in a person's Four Pillars. I base my recommendations of the pendant based on whether or not I see these type of conflicts appearing in a chart. This is why if you would like me to make a recommendation on a pendant, I would need your date of birth.  However you may prefer to choose the pendant that represent's your year of birth.  This decision is entirely up to the individual.


Once you have added the gemstone  to  your chart you need to select which pendant you would like, and add that to your cart also. As mentioned above the pendant can be selected based on my recommendation or you can simply select the one that represents your year of birth. If you click on the images of the pendants below it gives you a brief description of a person born in that particular Chinese Zodiac year, and when each year occurred.

The final product posted to you will include a brief regarding your Four Pillars Element (this is different to the element on the year you were born), and an outline on what the gemstone assists with from a metaphysical perspective

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